Storage client that provides a bulletproof backup of whole File Repository storage. It is not just a rsync-like tool, neither HA or a replication. KropotCLI is a continuous synchronization tool with extra layer of optional encryption, that provides a zero-knowledge copy of your data in any location.


  • Python 3.6+ (with dependencies listed in requirements.txt)
  • Optionally docker (if using a docker container)
  • SQLite3, PostgreSQL or MySQL database (any supported by SQLAlchemy, defaults to SQLite3, actually SQLite3 is fully tested and recommended)

KropotCLI motto is to better redistribute the bread

Mechanism and security

KropotCLI uses server’s SecureCopy domain. You can read about the conception at the SecureCopy page.

The security of the stored passphrases in the tokens are described in Secure Copy and token secrets

How it works from KropotCLI perspective?

  1. The server grants restricted access to the storage with SecureCopy credentials which includes passphrase, encryption algorithm, salt, digest method, rounds etc.
  2. The passphrase and digest salt assigned for token is not know to the token user
  3. The server is encrypting the data on-the-fly for KropotCLI
  4. The KropotCLI is storing the data without any knowledge about their content and even filenames! That’s called zero-knowledge storage.

Getting started

  1. Generate a synchronization token

Use our example request, fill up the values.

  "id": ".................",
  "roles": [
  "expires": "2030-05-01 01:06:01",
  "data": {
    "tags": [],
    "allowedMimeTypes": [],
    "maxAllowedFileSize": "0",
    "allowedIpAddresses": [],
    "allowedUserAgents": [],
    "secureCopyEncryptionKey": "........................",
    "secureCopyEncryptionMethod": "aes-256-cbc",
    "secureCopyDigestMethod": "sha512",
    "secureCopyDigestRounds": 6000,
    "secureCopyDigestSalt": ".............................."

The request needs to be submitted at Creating a token

  1. Install KropotCLI
  1. Use docker image from

The image takes cli arguments in command, so use docker run –rm –help for usage.

See all available versions of docker images there:

  1. Use pip install kropotcli to install as Python package.
  1. Run the synchronization
kropotcli --token=.................... \
    --storage-path=/mnt/storage \
    --server-url= \
    --instance-name=iwa-storage-replica-1-1 \
    --log-level=debug \