API/Project rules


  • Latest development version is always on master.

  • Versions closer to the release date, but still under features development are released as ALPHA eg. 3.0.0-ALPHA1

  • When all features are implemented for given version, but still some tests are corrected, smaller issues are being resolved we release a RC eg. 3.0.0-RC1

  • When all automatic tests are passing, the RC was tested manually (by some tester, or used at local production for some time), then a stable is released eg. 3.0.0

Naming convention and formatting

The response body in API requests follows a convention that: - On first level in most of the responses there is a status code, error list returned in snake_case format - On second level there are objects, their properties are camelCase


All API endpoints should be documented in SWAGGER format and available on /api/doc endpoint in a running file repository instance. The user manual written in SPHINX does not need to document each endpoint, users should rely on SWAGGER docs.