Storage mirroring with additional layer of security - encryption on the server side.


  • Each client have it’s own permissions.
  • Encryption credentials are per-client (in token generated in File Repository)
  • Black-box/Zero-knowledge encryption, the client only retrieve data
  • External, ready to use client application “kropot-cli” that will help you to better redistribute your bread ;-)
The difference between “rsync” type tools and File Repository’s Secure Copy
File Repository Other tools such as rsync
Token based authorization Requires SSH access
Independent of storage filesystem (s3, local, other networked) Requires local disk access
Encryption on server side, without sharing the key to client Impossible to perform a on-fly encryption, when client requests the files
Requires additional setup time, requires database, maintenance time Less maintenance, no database required, less frequent updates
Brand new tool, nobody recognizes it Everybody know the basic UNIX tools, less entry threshold