Following endpoints are just displaying a static HTML page, that acts as a client to the API. No any endpoint is implementing any additional access rights, if the user does not have access to perform some action, then the page would display, but the backend will respond with an error.

If you need to restrict the file size, mime type, allowed tags or others, then you need to specify it in the access token that will be used in the UI.

Roles used by the endpoints
name description
upload.enforce_no_password Enforce the file to be uploaded without a password
upload.enforce_tags_selected_in_token Tag uploaded file with tags specified in the token, regardless of user choice
upload.images Upload images

Image Upload

The image upload endpoint allows to upload whole file as is, or with cropping it. Cropper supports an aspect ratio, that could be specified in the query string.

Extra parameters in query string
name description
ratio Aspect ratio for the images eg. 16/9 is 1.77, so it would be ?ratio=1.77
back URL address to redirect the user on success. FILE_REPOSITORY_URL phrase will be replaced with the uploaded file URL
_token Access token
In the browser access URL: /minimum.ui/upload/image?_token=TOKEN-THERE
../../_images/cropper-1.png ../../_images/cropper-2.png

File upload

File upload offers a multiple file upload, with drag & drop and fancy animations.

In the browser access URL: /minimum.ui/upload/file?_token=TOKEN-THERE
../../_images/file-uploader-1.png ../../_images/file-uploader-2.png ../../_images/file-uploader-3.png

Video watching

File Repository is able to serve video files with possibility to rewind them, that’s the responsibility of the download endpoint. MinimumUI exposes additional endpoint with a HTML5 <video> tag, so the video could be embedded easily on other website.

In the browser access URL: /minimum.ui/watch/video/some-file-name.mp4