File Repository’s documentation

File Repository is a modern API application dedicated for storing files. It is able to use various storage backends including AWS S3, Dropbox, Google Drive and just filesystem. Lightweight, requires just PHP7 and at least SQLite3 or MySQL (other databases can be also supported in future due to using ORM).

Main functionality:

  • Strict access control, you can generate a token that will have access to specific actions on specific items
  • Store files where you need; on AWS S3,, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, SFTP, and others…
  • Deduplication for non-grouped files. There will be no duplicated files stored on your disk
  • Backups management, you can define a collection of file versions that can rotate on adding a new version
  • Pure API, you can choose any frontend, use it internally in your application, or create your own frontend

From authors

Project was started as a part of RiotKit initiative, for the needs of grassroot organizations such as:

  • Fighting for better working conditions syndicalist (International Workers Association for example)
  • Tenants rights organizations
  • Various grassroot organizations that are helping people to organize themselves without authority

Technical description:

Project was created in Domain Driven like design in PHP7, with Symfony 4 framework. There are API tests written in Postman and unit tests written in PhpUnit. Feel free to submit pull requests, report issues, or join our team. The project is licensed with a MIT license.

RiotKit Collective