Shell access

File Repository usage can be automated using shell commands. There are not so many commands, but basic usage could be automated using scripts.


Application is using Symfony Console, which is accessible in the main directory under ./bin/console In our prepared docker compose environment you may use it differently.

Usage examples depending on how application is set up
type example
our docker env. make console OPTS=”backup:create-collection -d “Some test collection” -f “backup.tar.gz” -b 4 -o 3GB -c 15GB”
docker standalone sudo docker exec -it some_container_name ./bin/console backup:create-collection -d “Some test collection” -f “backup.tar.gz” -b 4 -o 3GB -c 15GB
standalone/manual ./bin/console backup:create-collection -d “Some test collection” -f “backup.tar.gz” -b 4 -o 3GB -c 15GB

If something is not working as expected, there is an error and you would like to inspect it, then please add a “-vvv” switch to increase verbosity.