Backup Repository’s documentation

A specialized ninja for backup making - complete backups ecosystem. Fully multi-tenant, with its very granular permissions and client-side (E2E) encryption can act as a farm of backups for various people and organizations.

Main functionality:

  • Fully multi-tenant, granular permissions and roles

  • End-To-End encryption. Server acts as a blob storage, client is encrypting client-side

  • Security focused, limit access by IP address, User Agent, limited scope API tokens. In future we may implement “scheduled backup windows” to prevent overwriting backups in short time periods

  • Backups rotation strategies

  • Very low resources requirements, a container with 256 MB ram and 0.5vCPU on a shared VM can fit

  • Fully compatible with containerized workflows (Docker supported out-of-the-box by both client and server)

  • Administrative frontend in web browser

  • JSON API, JSON Web Token (JWT), SWAGGER documentation for the API

  • On client side the backups are made on-the-fly, you don’t need extra disk space for temporary storage

From authors

Project was started as a part of RiotKit initiative, for the needs of grassroot organizations such as:

  • Fighting for better working conditions syndicalist (International Workers Association for example)

  • Tenants rights organizations

  • Various grassroot organizations that are helping people to organize themselves without authority

Technical description:

Project was created in Domain Driven like design in PHP 8, with Symfony 4+ framework. There are API tests written in Codeception, E2E tests in Behat and unit tests written in PhpUnit. Feel free to submit pull requests, report issues, or join our team. The project is licensed with a MIT license.

RiotKit Collective