Monitoring errors with Sentry


Bahub uses shell commands to take some data, pack it and encrypt. What if any of those commands will fail? What if there are no enough permissions? What if the directory does not exist? All of those are good reasons to have set up a monitoring.

Almost each application failure can be catched and sent to analysis. Don’t worry about the privacy, you can use your own Sentry instance.

To enable the monitoring you need to have a ready-to-use Sentry instance/account and a error_handler configured in Bahub.

    remote_sentry:   # name it as you want
        type: sentry
        url: "https://some-url"



Each event such as upload success, restore success, or a failure can emit a notification.

    mattermost:     # name it as you want
        type: slack # compatible with Slack and Mattermost
        url: "https://xxxxx"